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Welcome to Charles N. Castagna Mediation, Inc., a full service mediation and training company dedicated to providing the highest quality mediation services, mediator certification training and continuing mediator education (CME) available. Mr. Castagna (view resume) has mediated thousands of cases throughout Florida in matters including business and commercial disputes, family law matters, personal injury, employment, workplace, partnership dissolutions, and medical, dental, legal and accounting malpractice matters to name a few. View our Mediation Philosophy.

He has also trained hundreds of mediators as a Primary Trainer for Florida Supreme Court approved 40 hour Circuit Civil Mediation Training courses, as well as provided continuing mediator education training (view CME classes) to hundreds of Certified Mediators from around Florida.

We can offer our mediation services at a location of your choosing, or at our mediation center (view facilities).

There is no charge for travel time.

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Charles N. Castagna Mediation, Inc. My goal is to help lawyers and their corporate and individual clients, as well as unrepresented parties, resolve their disputes in an informal, confidential and non-adversarial setting. This is most effectively accomplished, in my view, when the parties are given every opportunity to consider and evaluate every aspect of their dispute, and to discuss, directly, or through the mediator how they feel their dispute should be resolved. This is the purpose of mediation, and it is my purpose in serving as a mediator.

My mediation style can best be described as proactive, patient and creative. I believe it is very important to be involved in the process, but with the upmost respect for the participants’ absolute right to fully and freely exercise self-determination in attempting to reach agreement.

It is of paramount importance that the mediator’s responsibilities are performed in a neutral and impartial fashion. This is, in my estimation, a hallmark of my mediation practice. I encourage participants to let me know immediately if they feel I am not acting in a neutral and impartial fashion, or if they have any concerns whatsoever as to how the process is being conducted. One of the hallmarks of mediation is the parties’ right to decide the outcome of their dispute with the assistance of a neutral, impartial and involved third party.

I have been serving as a mediator since 1988 and have seen some remarkable results over the years. Not every case or dispute gets resolved, but most do, and it is an honor and a privilege to participate as a catalyst in that process. Even when cases or disputes do not get resolved at mediation, more often than not, participants leave the process learning something of value and feeling that their participation in the process was worthwhile. And more often than not, even if the matter is not resolved at the mediation, it is resolved as a result of their efforts in mediation and without having to go to trial.

There are ethical standards governing the practice of mediation in Florida. These ethical standards are formally called the Florida Rules for Certified and Court Appointed Mediators. These ethical standards can be found at the Dispute Resolution Center website (CLICK HERE). I hope you will take a look at these rules before attending a mediation so that you can better understand what is ethically required of certified and court-appointed mediators in the State of Florida.

It is my hope that through the information in our web site and the links provided, you will gain a better understanding of the mediation process and the role of the mediator, and therefore become a more informed consumer of the mediation process.


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